Monday, August 14, 2017

Act my age!

"Because the weather was good, because the weather was bad and because the weather was good enough. I loved every moment of it.." 


hey im back! for good.. so here i am, a fully grown up 21 years old girl..mula2x blogging when im 13, LOL wow i gotta act my age!!

Good news, aku bakal sambung degree kat UiTM Puncak Alam this upcoming September. Bad news, im not ready yet nk serabutkan otak balik dgn design,rejection,redo and flying money for printings. i mean printings yg sah2 kena reject/redo designnya. Gonna update about my degree life plus kos landscape architecture soon after daftar kat sana k.

Jadi apa summary / achievements  yg boleh dibuat after reach 21 years old ni?
now i understand why Peter pan didnt want to grow up. i've erased most of my memories in grade school..just keeping the one from high school till now :)
so i decided to make a 'simple' throwback(?) dari stay at SMIP, MRSM Besut, and UiTM SI..



well i got a ton of good friends 7 pretty girls
form 4 

panjang kalau nak crita camana naturally kutip sesorang smpai bleh jadi rapat. Yang dulunya musuh pon kini bestfren forever *facepalm*.. only we knows how much we HATELOVE each other. 

Serious talk, tiga tahun suku kat SMIP memang honeymoon beb. I dont give a damn pasal study so much i just hate to use my brain terutama masa Math dgn Sejarah.. paling hyper time English dgn kelas Seni.. KH pon hyper jgk sbb boleh keluar kelas pergi bengkel,,nak smpai bengkel tawaf tandas dlu.. *double facepalm*

i wonder if this person still keep this keychain i gave him...

and i met someone here that help me with my 'TRANSITION FROM GRADE SCHOOL TO HIGH SCHOOL" phase.. Sangat2 bertuah dapat kenal rapat and sangat2 berterima kasih sbb if tak jumpa dia ni,, i may struggle a bit lah with high school life  :)   ya ya dia 'HE' bukan 'SHE'..
but it's not what you think, not that kind of relationship. its a pure friendship im talking about.. dari kat Friendster, ke Facebook, ke Yahoo Messenger, smpailah wujudnya WeChat, Whats App dan Twitter,, ya Instagram juga.. but i took the wrong step and i lose everything related to this person. Kalau ada peluang,, i want us to befriend once more. for the Last time. and i wont make the same mistake. Notice me Senpai :'(

(IF YOU READ THIS: miss you weh! i still keep the ANGRY BIRD you gave me...goodluck with your studies...take care!)


5 Coalyuby in memories 

Boarding School's life is just too hard for a 16 years old Hamizah.. *facepalm* 
the dorm life, new classmates that try to give you a rude nickname, the homesick is real i swear! 
From an 'outgoing-friendly-bising' Hamizah to  a 'silent-introvert-crybaby' Hamizah real quick. 

While my SMIPian friends enjoy their 'honeymoon' life (form 4),, im struggling with my inner self, and boarding school. Form 4 memang dajjal lah i dont have any good memories to begin with. Ttiba kau dikelilingi oleh orang2 yang mengejar pointer, nombor 1, and of course the A's ~~~ time Prep tak pernah study...qada tdo! baik di library or di kelas sama saja..baik balik dorm hahaha

physic lab ft Sir Jeme legend bohh!!!!
BADAR 12/13

tapi tgh2 struggle tu, i found my lifetime best bedmate ever, Aida Nabilah!  kalau terjaga tgh2 malam,,(the ghost stories, hysteria is real ok) she will keep me safe and sound lah hahaha
sayang aida :) and because of Aida, aku join BADAR,, badan dakwah, gerak subuh, ajak g surau gtu ler.. rezeki join benda ni, ttiba Ustazah (Allah xigt nama ustazah weh) masukkan nama aku tuk join Program Nadwah Islamiah kat MRSM Mersing. it's a good opportunity for a new-comer like me.

its a trend to have this kind of sticky note on your desk trust me

got two locker for my self sbb malas bwk balik buku kat dorm lol
Form 5, i found my lifetime best desk mate ever, Zalikha Ghazali the INNER DAJJAL awake in me and slowly open up my self to the new environment, and i enjoy my senior year so damn muchhhhh!!! dapat jadi LDP LAGI haa lagi lah gila kuasa jadinya

bnyk bnda gila buat dgn IKA that i felt without her, aku akan ttap dlm comfort zone and never discover new things in life. 

My untold story: i fall in love Crush (bodonya lah) with one of my batch-mate sbb 
MASYAALLAH suara dia azan is so mesmerizing... maybe not for everyone but at least for me. after that time, i'll wrote message on a sticky note pastu time gap prep dgn lunch which xda org, i'll paste the sticky note on his desk. i wrote something like "goodluck exam ni !" or simply draw heart or anything hahhahaha but i got caught by his bestfriend dan smpai skarang kena sakat. 

BRO its over ok dont drag this thing for too long LOL ! 
hint *,, im so happy to know that dia pon amik subjek Seni for subjek tambahan SPM, like FINALLY ada jgak peluang nak satu kelas even waktu seni je hahahahha ok STOP!
literally my classroom look like a  shipwreck

3. UiTM Seri Iskandar

Thanks to my senior year in high school, i adapt with my university life real fast BUT... i never thought Landscape Architecture would be this hard... menguji kesabaran, kekentalan mental, dan ketidak-cukup-tido-an dalam hidup.. 


6 sem, only Allah knows the struggle untuk dapat satu scroll diploma! Alhamdulillah sepanjang belajar ada kawan2 seperjuangan yang buat aku stay sampai habis and tamatkan dgn jayanya!!!

my happy pills 
First there is Atul, jujur dari hati,  more than anyone knows, i care about her a lot! i may not know everything but she's the strongest person i ever encounter in my life. Thanks to her and her room mates (yana,hawa, ami), dapatlah aku lalui sem 1 yg penuh dgn ke-awkward-an without any difficulties. i only wish her the best in the future and know that i'm always here for you beb!

ulu kenas day is my favorite day with em so far
Imah ramdam the mood maker. Imah satu MRSM dgn aku dulu tapi kelas lain2.. but unexpectedly kat U bleh rapat namampos plok hahaha. the saddest part is Imah jugak xsambung study...but i promise myself kalau tgh down gila nnt degree, nk call imah and paksa dia bobel apa2, cusz  she's sooooooo deng funny! saranghae mah! 

and there's the blur one Qie and my 4D Nasuha... Sangat2 bersyukur kenal dua orang ni, they helped me a lot too! selalu teman buat kerja kat bilik, geng buat kerja sesama, smpai satu tahap xda mood kalau salah sorang dri diorang ni xda msa buat kerja, each play their own part in this relationship i love them so much!

A message from 21 years old me to a 13 years old Hamizah, where all of these moment began.

Nobody hold the answer in growing up,, i found that it's harder to be kind than clever. Life's supposed to hurt, not everything will make sense but cherish every moment cusz you wont be able to turn those moments..not even once :')

"sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory..-Dr. Seuss "